Issue with GPX file produced by MotionX GPS v16.2

Posted by Breadcrumbs on July 13, 2011 under News | Be the First to Comment

We wanted to make you aware of an issue with the most current release of the MotionX GPS application which I know many of you use to track your adventures on the iPhone before uploading the GPX file to Breadcrumbs.

I have had confirmation from MotionX that there was an issue with the GPX that the app produced in version 16.2 which causes it to fail to upload to Breadcrumbs (and any other mapping application). This issue will be fixed in version 16.3 which should be available from the app store shortly.

Editing GPS Tracks with Breadcrumbs just got better!

Posted by Breadcrumbs on January 4, 2011 under News | 3 Comments to Read

If you have ever done any GPS tracking before whether it be hiking, skiing or riding you will have found that GPS tracks often contain errors where one or two points have jumped a long way off the correct path. This happens with every GPS device, it doesn’t matter if you are using a Garmin, Magellan or smartphone enabled GPS device such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy; the errors experienced are a limitation of GPS (although accuracy improves as the quality off the chip improves).

GPS Track experiencing signal errors caused by tall buildings.

GPS signal errors can be caused by many factors. The main reasons you will experience large jumps in accuracy is due to weak satellite reception and signal multipath.

Weak satellite reception: GPS devices rely on a line of sight to at least four GPS satellites orbiting the earth. Tall objects such as trees, buildings and the terrain can block the line of site and reduce accuracy.

Signal Multipath: This occurs when the GPS signal is reflected off other objects such as tall buildings or mountain faces. The reflected signal takes more time to reach the receiver than the direct signal and error is introduced.

Breadcrumbs Edit Mode

Fortunately Breadcrumbs lets you edit and fix those errors in a simple way. Once you have uploaded your GPS track, if you notice any errors, simply click on the Edit button within the Breadcrumbs application and select “Edit track”.

Breadcrumbs now enters edit mode and points appear along the track.  To move a a section of track just grab one of these points and drag it to the place where it actually should be. New today is the ability to also delete points as well as drag them – simply click on the point and it will be removed from the track. Once finished press save and you have your perfect track. If you like you can then export the corrected track and use it in another application. Check out the video which shows how we fixed the issues in the image above using Breadcrumbs.