Announcing a Breadcrumbs / Android integration with Open GPS Tracker.

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of our first Android integration with the excellent Open GPS Tracker.

You can now track your route on your Android-powered Smartphone and instantly upload it to Breadcrumbs. You can also view all your Breadcrumbs tracks on the go. The best bit is that both apps are completely free!

Click here to access a tutorial which shows you how to get started with using Breadcrumbs and Open GPS Tracker.

Open GPS Tracker has loads of great features, including:

  • Real-time tracking on Google or OSM maps.
  • Track coloring based on speed
  • Track statistics
  • Ability to add notes, pictures, video, audio and text to your track.

How to….

…track with Open GPS Tracker

Once you’ve recorded your track, a few simple clicks in Open GPS Tracker lets you publish directly to Breadcrumbs, where you’ll instantly get the benefit of all our great features.

Check out the video to see how easy an upload to Breadcrumbs is:

…follow a track using Open GPS Tracker

Found a great track in Breadcrumbs or elsewhere? Once the track has been imported into Breadcrumbs, simply open the track list in Open GPS Tracker and you’ll find all of your tracks. One click to download to your Smartphone and off you go.

Watch the video:

About Breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs is an advanced GPS track management application, which allows users to edit, share and relive their adventures in 3D, using multimedia (photos and videos). Check out this video which gives a great overview of our features.

Introducing the new grid view

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Organization has been a key focus of the gobreadcrumbs GPS track management app and the tree view has been at the heart of that, providing a great way for you to visualize and organize your tracks.

Tracks Tree View

Tracks Tree View

You can quickly move tracks between bundles by dragging and dropping…

Moving tracks between bundles

Moving tracks between bundles

…and delete and rename tracks directly within the tree view by right clicking on the track and accessing the menu.

Rename or delete track

Rename or delete track

Grid View

As the number of tracks you imported increased it became apparent there needed to be a way you could quickly access tracks and sort based upon the track name, activity, date imported and bundle name. So we created the grid view. The grid view is accessed by clicking on the grid icon just above the tree panel (see screen grab below).

Track Grid View

Track Grid View

The grid view provides a completely new way for you to find and interact with your tracks. You can sort by several different columns. My personal favorite is the date imported column as you can now import a track and access it instantly by viewing the grid view (we sort by date import by default).

Sort tracks

Sort tracks by date imported, title, bundle and activity.

So login and give it a go, you may well end up finding tracks and reliving adventures that you had long forgotten about! Thanks to everyone who gave feedback asking for the feature too.

Embed your GPS track on your blog or website

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Sharing your GPS tracks with your friends and family is one of the great features of Breadcrumbs and it just got even easier! Breadcrumbs’ new plugin functionality allows you to embed the GPS track you uploaded directly into your own website/blog. The plugin allows your visitors to see on a map both the GPS track you uploaded from your Garmin device or GPX file and any associated photos/videos that were geocoded. For the first release we support the Google Maps view, support for the full 3D Breadcrumbs experience using the Google Earth plugin will come soon.

New Embed button within the app

Embedding the GPS track into your website/blog couldn’t be easier.  Simply upload your GPS track and any associated media as you would usually do. Once uploaded select the track and then click on the new ‘Embed track’ button, this gives you the HTML code you need to copy and paste into your own website.  You can also access the code on the public page.

See the new widget in action below. Don’t forget to post a link with the widget in action if you embed a track on your website/blog.

View Paul’s Ridge Garibaldi National Park by stewart on Breadcrumbs

Powered by Breadcrumbs: manage, edit and share GPS tracks for free.

Announcing the launch of our new public track page

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Here at Breadcrumbs we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our completely redesigned public track page (showcased here). One of our main aims at Breadcrumbs is to allow you and your friends to relive your adventures. The new public page does this by putting you in complete control of your track interactions and associated media. At the heart of the redesign we have introduced a new media view which puts your photos and videos as the main focus.

We also have a load of other great new features including:

  • Map, elevation/speed chart and statistics dynamically integrated: As you playback your track, watch the statistics and chart change. You’ll be able to tell exactly how fast you went on the steep line you skied or the trail you rode. There is no better way to visualize your GPS tracks.
  • Google Maps playback: Now play your track back in Google Maps as well as Google Earth.
  • Comments: A new Breadcrumbs comment system allows you and your friends to chat about your day out.

Don’t take our word for it, check out this track and let us know what you think!


Posted by Breadcrumbs on September 10, 2010 under News | Be the First to Comment

3D experiences are everywhere  - cinema, computer games, TV… Breadcrumbs is all about reliving your adventures, and we put 3D at the heart of the experience by building a cutting-edge platform around Google Earth. Everyone loves the desktop experience Google Earth offers, but until now you have not been able to share your adventures in 3D. Breadcrumbs allows you to do this and much more.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few screenshots of some public tracks uploaded by our Breadcrumbs users. Click on the link to see the complete track.

One of our users climbed 7 peaks in a day:

Seven Summits Schroecken

Another user went on an epic 42 km downhill mountain bike trip:

Warner Lake to Tyax Resort

A third user went on the Bromo volcano in Java, Indonesia!

Gunung Bromo Vulcano Java Indonesia

Remember, you can signup for free!

Check out our public tracks page to see more great adventures.