Latest additions to the Breadcrumbs API

Posted by Breadcrumbs on February 5, 2011 under API | Be the First to Comment

With our latest release we have expanded our API functionality, it now provides now all major functions to fully interact with Breadcrumbs.
New with this update:

  • Request all photos and videos for a track
  • Delete photos or a videos on a track
  • Search through all public Breadcrumbs tracks by location and distance and limit by activity

With this API you can now create fully functional applications to not only view the GPS data and associated media, but also edit and manage it. For example you could easily create a hiking application that requests all tracks within 10km of your current location, lets a user select one of the tracks, display it on a map and view photos and videos associated with this track. You could also allow the user to record a new track and then upload it directly through our api along with any photos/videos they may have taken.

Extended API, request a user’s track

Posted by Breadcrumbs on January 18, 2011 under API | Be the First to Comment

We just added some new features to our API that let the developer:

  • request the track list of the current logged in user
  • request the KML/GPX of a track

This new functionality takes the API to the next level, because integrating Breadcrumbs with your smartphone application now provides you with a fully featured backend for exporting and viewing tracks. The API gives you the functionality to upload GPS tracks to Breadcrumbs with just the touch of a button, return a list of all the user’s tracks, and – new in this release – return the track as a KML/GPX so you can show the track on a map.

Planning trips

Your users now have the ability to plan a trip in the Breadcrumbs web application, and to view the track instantly in the integrated smartphone application. The Breadcrumbs application allows the user to import (and in the future to draw) a GPS track, edit the path and add waypoints (such as a lunchspot or viewpoint). Using the Breadcrumbs API your users can view all their tracks on Breadcrumbs, and then follow the track that they have chosen. There is no need to copy tracks to and from the phone anymore!

Enjoy! Our plan is to extend our API further, so watch this space!